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Pokemon renegade platinum is a Pokemon platinum-based game with tons of exciting features. Developed by Drayano, this DS Rom hack follows the story of pokemon platinum but includes new features. So, you will see some difference in the number of gameplays and trainers.

The game includes all 493 pokemon to catch and is one of the most challenging games in the franchise.

Pokemon Renegade Platinum

Pokémon Renegade Platinum Rom Features Latest Version

1. The game includes all 493 pokemon from Bulbasaur to Arceus. Each wild Pokemon has been drastically modified, including species unavailable in the Sinnoh region. You can now catch or obtain Pokemon before facing the elite four for the first time. Therefore, you can make any team according to your preferences.

2. The pokemon renegade platinum also brings many new evolutions which were not available in previous versions. As a result, your game becomes more challenging, so the evolution has added great depth.

3. It has also introduced many updates to its trainer battles. That allows the gamers to battle with various Pokemon from across the franchise. So, gamers can now experience an all-new battle system. Also, gamers can customize their Pokémon’s moves and abilities as they take on challenging opponents. Additionally, players can enjoy new items and power-ups, which give them a greater chance at victory.

4. The gamers can now experience the more challenging boss battles. To tackle steven stone, the players don’t have any healing items. The players must be ready for the more complex boss battles, including challenging enemies, and you may unexpectedly face higher-level trainers in various places. So, the increased difficulty of boss battles makes the game more challenging and engaging.

5. The newest iteration of the wildly popular Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Renegade Platinum, features a dramatically increased gameplay speed, making the game more dynamic and immersive than ever before. Players can move faster through the game world, battle more efficiently with their Pokemon teams and explore the game’s secrets with heightened urgency. This new feature is sure to be a hit among fans of the series and will likely contribute to Pokemon Renegade Platinum’s success.

Pokemon Renegade Platinum is the latest installment of the iconic Pokemon video game series, and it is sure to delight fans of the franchise. The developer has improved the game’s graphics and introduced a brand-new storyline. Further, the game contains a lot of new areas; you can meet several new characters and experience a world full of surprises.

Pokémon Renegade Platinum Guide / Walkthrough

Pokemon Renegade Platinum Includes

  • Inclusion of HMs and TMs.
  • Leafeon compatibility with cut HM
  • Presence of 490 plus Pokemon
  • NPC overlap has been fixed

Frequently Asked Question: Pokemon Renegade Platinum

What is new in pokemon platinum Renegade?

This DS rom hack updates the Pokémon’s moves to Ultra-sun/moon moves for Renegade. Also, it includes mythical like Mew, Manaphy, and Celebi. The game also allows you to catch Pokemon up to generation four in this game.

Is Renegade Platinum hard?

It is a pokemon platinum-based game that follows the same story as pokemon platinum. However, this rom hack game is known to be the most complex game in the franchise. So, pokemon fans can experience the real challenge in this game.

Can you catch all Pokemon in renegade platinum?

Yes, all 493 pokemon are available in pokemon platinum. From Bulbasaur to Arceus, you can catch all the Pokemon in the game.

Final Remarks

This rom hack game has many improvements to make it more engaging for the players. Hence, you can now enjoy your time by playing this challenging game. It includes all 493 pokemon for you to catch. You will experience a realistic gameplay experience thanks to improved gameplay mechanics.

Pokemon Renegade Platinum Download Zip

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