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Pokémon Mogul Platinum is the latest addition to the Pokémon series, developed by Yeti Bry. The game is based on the famous Pokémon Renegade platinum by Drayano. Additionally, it provides many new features and upgrades from its predecessor.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure with Pokémon Mogul Platinum! I am sure all the Pokémon fans will be happy playing this game. It is because the game promises to be an exciting journey for all Pokémon fans. Everything about this game is beyond perfect, be it graphics, storyline, and plenty of battles in which you can participate.

Pokemon Mogul Platinum

Download Pokémon Mogul Platinum Features

This game allows players to have a classic gaming experience. Additionally, players can take on the role of a new character and trainer, exploring a world filled with all of the features from Pokémon Renegade Platinum. Fully localized in English, it provides an immersive experience for every kind of player. The new mechanics and improved graphics further add to the excitement. Pokémon Mogul Platinum will provide an entertaining experience for all series fans.

Pokémon Mogul Platinum has now added a Use option to certain items, including Deep Sea Scale, Deep Sea Tooth, Dragon Scale, Dubious Disc, Electirizer, Kings Rock, Magmarizer, Metal Coat, Protector, Reaper Cloth, and Up-Grade. That is why players can use these items on their Pokémon to gain new abilities or activate various evolutionary processes.

Trainers looking to diversify their team’s move-sets will be pleased to know that the following Technical Machines (TMs) have received modifications in compatibility with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The TM changes are as follows: TM55 has replaced Brine with Scald; TM57 has changed Charge Beam for Wild Charge; TM62 has swapped Silver Wind out for Bug Buzz; TM83 now features Natural Gift as Hyper Voice; TM85 uses Dream Eater as Dazzling Gleam; and finally, TM88 uses Pluck to Hurricane.

In the upcoming update to Pokémon Mogul Platinum, all Technical Machines (TM) will now have a quantity of 99 when obtained. It is important to note that no TMs are available within PokMart stores. If players need more TM’s than they already have, they can visit an NPC at the Pokémon League who will reset their inventory to have 99 of each TM. This update is sure to be a great addition to the popular game.

Furthermore, the game has released a new update with changes to many moves to match the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. It updated all the moves like power, accuracy, pp, and effect changes to the level of ultra-sun and ultra-moon. In addition, Curse has become a Ghost-type move, as in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, while Charm, Moonlight, and Sweet Kiss have become Fairy-type, as in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This update will allow players to enjoy a more enhanced gaming experience.

Moreover, many Pokémon now possess specific new abilities from Generation VII.

Trainers in the popular Pokémon game Pokémon Mogul Platinum have seen their rosters modified in every area. All modifications are listed below: species, levels, items, moves, natures, etc. Essential trainers have their entire roster listed in full detail. Fans of the game can now get a better idea of the challenge they will face when engaging with these trainers.

The developers also modified the wild Pokémon in this game. The levels that can be encountered range from minimum to maximum. In comparison, some Pokémon can only be encountered at a specific level, while you find the others in a range. Thus, this also allows players to explore new locations and discover wild Pokémon with various levels.

New Features of Pokémon Mogul Platinum Rom

This game is a total treat for all Pokémon fans. The game has improved in various areas and is more interesting. It is undoubtedly going to keep players entertained for hours;

With some new features, this game has made its successful entry into the game world, but let’s discuss some of the interesting ones first;

According to the new features, players are allowed to battle Steven stone, the former leader of the Elite Four, when talking to him in Oreburgh City, provided that they have already defeated the Pokémon League. Hence, it allows players to test their skills and prove their achievements to the most potent game trainers.

The latest iteration of the popular Pokémon series, Pokémon Mogul Platinum, has recently added a new feature to the game. Players can now visit a particular NPC in the Jubilife Trainers School, who will tell them their Pokémon’s Hidden Power type. However, he is, unfortunately, unable to tell them the actual power. So, if you want to experience an added mystery, this game is sure there for you.

According to this new feature, players can control the monsters completely. It is excellent news for players who often use traded Pokémon in their battles, as it gives them more control and flexibility regarding their strategies.

The popular game franchise Pokémon has just gotten even more reliable, thanks to Mikelan, who recently announced the addition of accurate encounter locations for each Pokémon inside the Pokdex. This feature allows players a smooth and efficient way to find the exact locations of their favorite Pokémon and catch them all. You can experience this new feature in the newly released Pokémon mogul platinum.

Final Remarks

After all the updates and additions, this game is worth the attention. Gamers, especially fans of the Pokémon franchise, will surely love it for its immersive gaming experience and ultimate new additions.

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