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With so many interesting pokemon games, the fans love playing them and enjoy all their features. Therefore, the developers introduce the remake of many pokemon games. Today, we will also discuss the remake of pokemon platinum, a pokemon platinum randomizer.

Published by Gamefreak, this RPG video game is one of the best pokemon games for Nintendo DS. The game allows you to have all the fun. It comes with improved graphics, making your game more thrilling. Besides the improved pokemon moves, you will also have great fun playing the game.

Pokemon Platinum Randomizer

More about Pokemon Platinum Rom Hack/Pokemon Platinum Randomizer:

The game has successfully made its place in the hearts of fans. There have been many improvements in terms of graphics and moves. Also, the game will impress you with its incredible features. In the pokemon platinum randomizer, you can explore over 300 pokemon, including the Pokemon from Emerald and Fire Red.

You also get to explore new places, like the safari zone. Further, the game includes Pokemon from gen 1, gen 2, and gen 3, which is outstanding. So, including Pokemon from various generations and new features make this game worthwhile.

Further, the game has no pokemon limit, so you will have no tension of running out of them during training or fighting. There could not be a better game for pokemon fans than pokemon platinum randomizer.

Download Pokemon Platinum Randomizer Rom Features

The Pokemon Platinum Randomizer is all fun, with improved graphics and over 300 pokemon. It provides you with the flexibility to enjoy the battles, and there is not any pokemon limit. All in all, it is well worth the play.

1. You can explore the new Region and Safari Zone

The pokemon platinum randomizer contains Pokemon from almost every generation. It includes pokemon from gen one and gen 2 to make your game more flexible and thrilling. However, you can even experience Pokemon from generation 3. So, the game is all fun and exciting. You must be ready to explore Pokemon from the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions. Further, it allows you to explore the Extra Safari Zone. Also, with this new region in the game, you get to meet rare Pokemon that were unavailable otherwise.

2. Addition of 300 new pokemon

The pokemon platinum randomizer contains 300 new pokemon from previous games. It contains pokemon from Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions. You can also see the Pokemon from the emerald version. Therefore, your game becomes more interesting and exciting at the same time.

3. New Battle Grounds

In addition, the game also includes several new battlegrounds to explore and fight in. You can train your Pokemon and enter various pokemon battles.

4. Edit your Pokemon

The game also allows you to edit your Pokemon. The Hex editor in the game lets you know to edit your Pokemon. Likewise, you can also enjoy the new moves in the game.

5. New Moves and Abilities

The pokemon platinum randomizer also added Pokemon with new moves and abilities. It makes for an entirely new experience each time you play. Further, the Pokemon can also learn a total of new 55TMs.

Final Remark

It contains a lot of new Pokemon and moves to make your game more thrilling. Many new battle backgrounds are added to this game, and you can participate in various battles. Also, the graphics of the game are impressive enough to make you a fan. Hence, you can enjoy this game for unlimited hours.

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