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Let us discuss the Mod Menu that enhances Minecraft’s menu by displaying a list of modifications. It is a famous utility mod for simplifying the management and selection of other mods installed.

mod menu

Let us have a Look at what it Does

Functionality It primarily works as a mod manager and loader. However, it does not add any content but provides an easy-to-access menu. Thus, it allows you to turn other mods on or off. Plus, it allows you to see their information and configure the settings.

1. Mod Selection

It allows you to click on the mod you have installed and access its settings to deactivate/activate it. Thus, it is an easy way to enhance and customize your Minecraft experience based on your choice.

2. MOD Information

You can quickly get information about various mods via Mod Menu. You will have information like its name, version, and short description. Thus, it becomes easier to keep track of the installed mods.

3. Version Compatibility

Mod Menu needs to be compatible with a particular mine craft version. However, version (1.19.4 and 1.18.2) is the Minecraft versions that Mod Menu supports. Ensure you always use the correct version of the mod menu for a smooth experience.

The Mod Menu relies on Two Crucial Components:

  1. Fabric Loader: It is a modding platform and loader for Minecraft. It permits mods to run on the Fabric modding framework. It works as a medium between the mods you install and Minecraft. Thus, the Mod Menu depends on a fabric loader for proper functioning.
  2. Fabric API: It is a library mod for fabric mods. Thus, it is necessary because it provides standard codes and utilities that many mods use. So, the mod menu is dependent on it to enhance functionalities and interface.

The Developers:

The icon in the mod menu is based solely on the icon specified in fabric.mod.json.

It allows you to define clients only and API badges as custom objects in your fabric.mod.json.

If you want to organize mods in various modules and display one mod as a child of another, you can use mod parenting features. You can do this by fabric.mod.json.


{“mod menu: parent”: “flamingo”}

1. Apply the mod menu API interface in a class and specify it as an entry point type of mod “modmenu” in fabric.mod.json. to use Mod Menu API.

It also lets you enhance your experience by using a screen factory. It enables creating a custom configuration screen accessible through the config button. You can apply getConfigScreenFactory to set this functionality.

MOD MENU v8.0.0 for 1.20.2DOWNLOAD

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