God of War 4 APK + Obb Free Download For Android

God of war 4 APK is the fourth game in the series and is full of adventures. Not only is the gameplay fun and energizing, yet the story is also very fascinating, bringing about one of the most grounded PlayStation games at any point made. Thus, it is rich with playable content and fun surprises. Want to go to the times of majestic Spartan battles? Then, you need to download this energetic game for all the fun and excitement.

Storyline: As you enter the game, the mysteries in the game will gradually be revealed with your progress. Nonetheless, rather than being set in the realm of Greek folklore, God of War 4 puzzling happens on the grounds of Norse legend. This story observes Kratos, a celestial but now mature warrior, who is leaving on a journey stuffed with viciousness.

After the death of his better half Faye, Kratos and his child Atreus set out to convey her remains to the highest point of a close-by mountain. Not long after their journey starts, Kratos is assaulted by an enemy sent by the ground-breaking god Odin. Dreading for his child’s security and anxious to convey Faye’s remains to the mountain, the pair set off into the wilds of Midgard, where vulnerability is standing by.

god of war 4 apk
God of War For AndroidDownload
OBB FILEDownload

How to Install:

  1. Download Both files
  2. Install The APK
  3. Extract and paste the OBB File into Android-OBB Path

God of War 4 Download For Android Mobile

Like other games, this comes with great graphics and an incredible storyline, including many episodes and puzzles. You can join the battles and give them a sharp logical end. Thus, it is always fun to fight against mythical monsters and Gods. Let’s now have a closer look at some of the features of this game;

  • The chance to join Spartan battles and the adventures of Kratos
  • Multiple bloody battles and shining blades
  • Stunning graphics and the best storyline
  • Fight various monsters
  • The ability to upgrade weapons and armor
  • Substantial single-player campaign

In God of War 4 apk, there are many things unique about it. Instead of employing Kratos’ edges, you’ll use his new Leviathan Ax, which can be tossed and mystically pulled back to his hand afterward.

Thus, this version contains more thrilling battles than its previous ones. It offers a variety of moves and capacities over hack’ n cut assaults. However, you also get the chance to upgrade your Leviathan Axe by becoming friends with various metal forgers. Likewise, you can upgrade Kratos’ skills with gold and fortune you find en route. Atreus is additionally valuable during the fight, as his archery skill can be beneficial against enemies.


Stunning boss fights

Addictive gameplay

Energetic and thrilling storyline


Puzzles may frustrate you at time


You can play this highly compressed and action game nonstop. The game is all about fighting and mysteries. Moreover, the map is also packed with numerous missions and many bosses to fight. You would love the interface and everything about this game.

The game gives you a fantastic battling experience. Shortly, you will find the god of war 4 mod APK highly cinematic and profoundly true to life. Thus, you can exclusively experience Kratos, which is all about vast amounts of fun.

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