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Pokemon Mega Adventure is a game for windows users with an RPG engine. The game’s storyline is quite different from the previous one and incredibly interesting. Leon Draceus is the developer of this game.

The game is fun and exciting, with the freedom to choose your character from the primary menu. So, no matter whichever character you choose, Luster or Haruki, you must start the game from the Akito region. There, you will find various species of Pokémon.

The game follows an exciting story where the player is on a journey to complete professor Oak’s research. On this journey, the player will meet many friends and rivals. Likewise, the player and the mysterious Team Prime meet the evil guys.

You have to stop the team from doing evil things in the area. The player, however, will get different chances to observe Pokémon evolution. Likewise, the player’s team will also search for ultimate power which can benefit them.

pokemon mega adventure

Pokémon Mega Adventure GBA Download

It is an ultimate fun game with the inclusion of Pokémon characters and new monsters. Therefore, the game is interesting with exciting gameplay. You will also have to explore new regions.

1. The game includes an exciting storyline with many new regions to explore. Moreover, it contains various Pokémon to train and battle. Similarly, the graphics of this game are detailed, and the animation is smooth.

2. It also includes various interactive environments with many challenges, puzzles, and mini-game in different regions to explore.

3. In this game, the players can explore seven gyms.

4. It also has a Pokedex, which keeps track of all the Pokémon you have encountered and their stats and abilities. You can also find unique items throughout the game that will help you progress.

5. The best thing is the primary menu features that allow choosing Pokémon from various generations. The selection menu provides information like Pokémon type, states, and move set. It will help you choose the correct Pokémon for your team and make a more informed decision.

6. Explore the mysterious world of Pokémon with your team members. Unlock special abilities and powers to increase your team’s strength. 6. Other than that, you can battle against other trainers and win exciting rewards.

7. You will have various rare items that give you the edge over rival teams. So, you can collect those in-game items.

8. It also allows you to customize your character with unique outfits and accessories

9. Some new features include; 721 Pokémon to encounter, a Mega bracelet, Pixie Stone for Eevee, and All Mega Stones, Mega Evolutions.

Pokemon Mega Adventure System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/10
Setup Size: 1.5 GB
Hard Disk Space: 6GB
CPU: Intel Core i5
RAM: an 8GB

Final Remarks

Overall, Pokémon mega-adventure is an exciting game with a lot of additions. The game includes new Pokémon, rivals, and other in-game features. You can enjoy them all and have a challenging battle while exploring several new regions. The Pokémon fans are going to have unlimited fun.

Download Links – Google Drive – Mega – MediaFire

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