Dome Keeper Seed Ultimate Guide

Dome Keeper Seed

Dome keeper is a unique rouge-lite mining game in which you must search for valuable resources. It is a challenging game in which you must find the resources and avoid deadly traps and enemies.

Additionally, drop a seed in an area, a tree will grow, and you will get fruits. The fruits are the resources in the roots, and as a result, you will get cobalt in the branches that will help you repair your DomeDome faster.

With procedurally generated levels, each play through is different, making for a truly challenging and rewarding experience. So, dust off your pickaxe and explore the depths of the DomeDome!

What is The Seed in Dome Keeper?

One can discover the seed when digging through the different maps in Dome Keeper. You can use this seed to teleport to different areas in the game. Meanwhile, you can benefit from the handful of wild discoveries you make. It includes one-way teleporters, speedy mushrooms, and eggs. These items are in different locations, each with its unique purpose.

You can find a seed by diving into the mines. The seed is a small brown tear-drop-shaped item that you can carry. Meanwhile, the seed helps grow and create more resources in the game, i.e., cobalt, water, or iron.

The seed is also a component of the Orchard dome gadget. You could get a seed in your base and one in the wild.

How Can One Find and Plant The Seed?

If you don’t have an orchard and need a wild see, you can have it by digging. However, there is no surety that you will find it 100%. Since there are randomized maps so the game can place the seed anywhere; however, with a teleporter, you can get a speed boost and search through the map fast, but know that there is no shortcut to making a seed appear and find it.

On the other hand, if you successfully find the seed, pick it up with the A button just the way you take resources. Meanwhile, drag the seed over to an unmined resource, and you will succeed in growing more of that resource.

If you drop a seed in a suitable spot, a tree will grow there and bear fruit. At its roots, it will use fruit as a resource. For example, you could fill the branches with cobalt and repair your Dome more quicker.

Some Tips to Follow:

  1. Ensure that you place the seed in the ideal spot to access it quickly; you can place it near the middle shaft of the DomeDome. So, whenever you need it, you can reach it without worrying about being too close to the edge.
  2. If you are having trouble staying alive in the game, you should place your dome keeper on cobalt whenever possible. It will add an extra layer of security and may help you survive longer.
  3. If you’re planning on being a dome keeper, it’s worth saving nodes in a good location. You can easily access them when needed and won’t waste time looking for them.
  4. The tree takes a few rounds to grow fully but provides every cycle. It is useful, especially in Prestige mode. Please keep your eyes on the trees, and make sure to water them when necessary.

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