Resident Evil 2 APK + OBB Free Download For Android

If you love horror, action, and fighting games, then go for the Resident Evil 2 APK. It is a high-action and horror game in which the user has to fight against deadly zombies. You have to kill all the zombies and survive till the end.

The storyline is simple but very interesting. You will have certain weapons in this game that you can use to kill enemies. There are many rewards available in the game which you will earn. Likewise, you can win certain items for free in the game.

Winning items and rewards make this game more interesting and addictive. One can play it for hours without getting bored. The game also gives you a lot of opportunities to play various modes available in the game.

The mode selection is totally up to you. You can enter any mode of your own choice. This game was initially released for PC and PlayStation users only. After being in the limelight overnight, the developers released its Android version also. You can now play on your favorite Android device.

resident evil 2 apk

NOTE: Extract and Paste the OBB File in SDCARD-ANDROID-OBB PATH

Download: Resident Evil 1 APK

Features of Resident Evil 2 APK + MOD For Mobile

The game has so many features that fascinate the users. It is a total action and fighting game. Thus, enjoy your fight against the dangerous zombies. Let us have a look at some of the main features of this game here;

  • It has a thrilling and interesting gameplay
  • Survive till the end and fight against deadly zombies
  • Inclusion of various modes. Select a model of your own choice
  • There are powerful weapons you can use against enemies
  • Easy user interface
  • The app has no advertisements
  • The soundtrack and everything about this game is just stunning

Download and Installation of Resident Evil 2 APK:

People from all over the world are liking this incredible fighting game. It has many users and that is why, here we will guide you about its installation process. It takes simple and easy steps to get download and installed on your Android device.

The resident Evil 2 mobile apk has been developed using Unreal Engine 4 and has good graphics. Let us have a look at the installation process here;

  1. Click on the download button provide here on the page
  2. Install APK on your android device
  3. Then you have unzip data and copy com. TrocoYT.
  4. It will be installed, you can then enter the game and enjoy

More About Resident Evil 2 Remake APK

Application’s Full Name: Resident Evil 2 Remake v1.0
Android Versions Required: 5.0 and above
APK File Name: RE2-Remake_1.0.apk
APK File Size: 45 MB
OBB Data File Name:
OBB Data File Size: 368 MB

Frequently Asked Questions (Resident Evil 2 APK)

In this section, we will answer some of the questions which you may have in mind. So, let us discuss the answers here;

Is Resident Evil 2 an open world?

The answer is a big NO. it is not an open-world game. Thus, you don’t have to explore and wander around Raccoon City. Those of you who have played the first version certainly know how the gameplay works.

How do I download Resident Evil 2 on my laptop?

In order to have it downloaded on your laptop. Click on the install game button. The download will start and get a compact download launcher. Afterward, you will have to locate the executable file in your local folder. The launcher will begin the installation.


Resident Evil 2 apk is an android game particularly designed for people who love action and fighting. You will get every chance to enjoy this game by killing zombies and earning rewards.

likewise, you can share your success with your friends and family also. The game has useful features which make it easy to play. The graphics, gameplay, and user interface almost everything about this game is super fantastic.

You would surely love this game. Download it now and enjoy unlimited hours of fun and action. The inclusion of powerful weapons has made this game even more fascinating.

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