my boy gba emulator

My Boy GBA Emulator APK Full version Free Download

If you love playing games and need some emulator for that. Then, my boy GBA Emulator APK is the perfect solution for you. My boy is a magnificent emulator used to run the Game-boy games which are compatible with all android devices. It has the power to emulate all aspects of a hardware perfectly. The only emulator which has excellent speed. Its performance is simply just more than an emulator. More, you can even save your progress and then can return back to it any time you wanted to. The plus point of my boy is that it runs on all your android devices and doesn’t consume up much battery. You can almost run any game without any hurdles.

My boy pro comes with various cheat codes among which game shark, action replay and code breaker are some of the codes. this emulator also allows you to have cool video filters via support of GLSL shaders. So, one can experience it and enjoy all aspects of the emulator. So You can now have all the magic which emulator does for you. The app is just a link away from you and you can have all the fun by downloading it. The compatibility of the game with all android devices makes it even useful and interesting for you.

my boy gba emulator

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Features of My Boy GBA Emulator Full version For Andriod:

AAs an emulator, it performs every function. Some of the amazing features of the app are as follows:

  • Superb game compatibility and nearly you can run all games without any major problem
  • Saves much of the battery
  • It is also a link cable emulator which runs at a reasonable speed
  • No need of BIOS File
  • You can take a screenshot and save the game at any time
  • On-screen keypad
  • Amazing user interface
  • UPS Rom Patching
  • You can fast forward if you want to skip long stories. So, you can use it as per your choice
  • Can slow down the game if you could not go with the normal speed
  • Screen layout editor
  • Multiple lines of coding in a single cheat. So, you can easily use those coding
  • Greatest emulation and excellent speed which don’t let you get bored while playing games
  • Compatible will all android devices and is very user-friendly

Furthermore, You can see the features of the emulator and now you can think of downloading it. I hope you will like the app and also provide us with your feedback. Your comments are highly appreciated and we would love to have your comments.