Drastic ds Emulator APK (no license) MOD 2021 Free Download

The Drastic DS Emulator Paid APK is an android emulator known as the fastest emulator for the Nintendo DS console games. You can run all the Nintendo Drastic Emulator games at full speed on most android devices. However, the performance may vary on different devices but you would find the app very user-friendly. The latest version of this application is r2.5.03a. Likewise, the app has full support for add-on controls and physical controls on devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play. It is different from other emulators as other emulators are only windows-based. In contrast, this emulator also supports the android system.

If your smartphones have a fast processor then you are going to have the best results. This app works really fast on such types of processors. Moreover, you can play the game in landscape or portrait mode as per your wish. So some of the users love to save their progress level in the game. This app has made it possible for you. You can save it anywhere in the phone memory or Google Drive. Thousands of cheat codes are available and play twisting games with those cheat codes.

The Drastic ds emulator runs very smoothly on your android devices and has got a rating of 5. Moreover, it has been downloaded over more than one million downloads. Let me also inform you that on Google play store, it is a paid app costing you $5.99.So, you can easily play Nintendo games on android cell phones or tablets. The best thing about the app is that it is updated regularly. In short, it is very beneficial for playing all the Drastic NDS emulator games on your Android phones.

Drastic DS Emulator
NameDrastic DS Emulator
Versionsr2.5.2.2a & r2.5.0.4a
SupportAndroid 3.0+
RootNo root, Crack or license Required

How To Get Drastic Emulator PAID APK Installation Guide

Here is the complete downloading procedure of this latest Version.

First, the APK file does not need any other file. you can just download and install it from the download page below. whereas you have to follow the following procedure for downloading the latest version of the app. else, you can also watch the video to learn more about it.

  1. Download Drastic DS Emulator and also install lucky patcher
  2. then, open lucky patcher select the emulator then go to open the menu of patches and click on remove license verification then launch the app once then again its show license error
  3. finally, open lucky patcher again go to the menu of patches tab on last option. after that tab on creating a license for these apps and enjoy.

Drastic DS Emulator APK MOD For Android

So let us now see how different it is from other emulators and what are the special features make it quite special. Let’s discuss some of those features now:

  • The app has been specially designed for Android devices
  • Improved graphics and amazing emulator
  • The ability to play Nintendo games smoothly on all the android devices
  • A totally free app which doesn’t cost you anything
  • A very user-friendly application for the users
  • The ability to customize the DS screen with the help of this app
  • The ability to save your game progress and the ability to resume the game
  • Works best on all the Android devices and also on Windows pc.
  • Maximum resolution and 3D graphics
  • The best speed boost system
  • Availability of thousands of cheat codes to enjoy and have a different experience
  • Its full support for physical controllers on devices like Xperia and nVidia shield
  • The version has improved graphics on 32-bit machines
  • A fast emulator of the Nintendo DS console.
  • Ability to synchronize the saved games to your internet
  • You can also customize the placement and size of the DS screen for portrait and landscape modes

Moreover, you would see that the game graphics have been upgraded. The Drastic DS emulator full APK has the ability to enhance the Nintendo games experience on Android devices. However, the developers also recommend you to use a device with a quad-core CPU to make the feature more suitable.

As you know that Nintendo devices have 2 separate screens. When you run the game, both will operate and have their own different functions. So, the Drastic has made it possible to bring all the things on a single screen. Similarly, the game has also made it possible to save your progress of the game. That will be stored on device memory and Google drive.

So, you can now download this incredible emulator and play it for free. In addition, you would also love to know the demo version of this game. In the demo version, the players will have the chance to experience the game within 30 minutes.

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