Tak Zang APK – Auto Miss Call Bomber Free Download

Tang Zang APK is an amazing app via which you can easily tease any of your friends or relatives. The app is made just for teasing purposes and entertainment. You can now enjoy teasing your friends for hours without doing any effort. The app will do everything for you. You may tease them to the level that they may switch off their cell phones. The steps are simple, you only have to install this amazing app after which you can directly open this app. As soon as you open this app. So the first tab appears with the top heading that says start. Click on the start button and step one will appear.

So, in this very beginning step, you have to select your victim and enter his/her number. Right after that, you will move to step 2 in which you can set the number of missed calls you want to tease your victim. In the third step, you have to set the timing and select the duration of the missed call. Click on the icon next and start teasing your friends or relatives. He will now get the number of sets of missed calls from you and the process will not stop until you wanted to. So, at the very last stage, you have the option to stop the process and let your friend take a rest.

tak zang apk

Features of TAK Zang APK For Android

The features of this app are quite simple and easy to use. Anyone can use this Tak Zang app and easily get the process. However, let us discuss some of the main features of this incredible app.

  • It has a single bell
  • You can add any number of your choice
  • It also has the ability to turn on the speaker automatically while calling
  • The ability to set the timings and duration of the missed call
  • The ability to stop calling whenever you wanted to
  • Solely made for fun purposes
  • Easy to install and process

So, download this Tak Zang apk now and enjoy its services. This app is amazing and works amazingly fast. You can have all the fun and tease any of the friends you wanted to. In short, you must download this incredible app. To be very clear, the purpose of the app is very simple and is used just for teasing purposes. You can enjoy this app and have all the fun.

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