Dream League Soccer 2016 APK and OBB Free Download + MOD

Are you guys seriously interest in soccer, if yes then you must have an app to play soccer for hours? Simulation games are quite like real games with the same strategy and tactics. This takes an enthusiast to play such a game. It will keep them entertained for hours. In this article, we will introduce you to such a game called “Dream League Soccer 2016 APK”.

“Dream League Soccer 2016 APK is one of the most famous soccer games in which you can build your own team. You will have the chance to recruit some of the most popular FIFA Pro from all over the world”.

dream league soccer 2016 apk

DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2016 APK + HACK Version Download

Dream League Soccer 2016 is an interesting game developed under the banner of First Touch. The gameplay is simple, one has to recruit players and build their own soccer team. The game has given you the option to select some of the best players from the world i.e., Andre Iniesta, Diego Costa and Aaron Ramsey etc.

You can make a team of your own choice. In the game, there will be a total of 32 players for a better experience. However, you have every opportunity to increase fitness, distribution, ball skills, and many more. This game also gives you chance to train your team members.

Likewise, you will try to win matches to get promoted and meet bigger goals. You can be promoted into an Elite Division. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the Global challenge cup and other challenging competitions.

Features of Dream Soccer 2016 APK:

This is one of the most played games for soccer enthusiasts. It has a dynamic gameplay and amazing tactical managerial selections of trading players, formations, and also includes the substitute gamers.

Everything has been upgraded be it a stadium, other aspects of leagues, and even competitions. That is why the game also offers you a bunch of interesting features. Let us discuss those features one by one;

  1. Interesting sports game
  2. The chance to increase fitness, distribution, and ball skills
  3. This game also allows you to build your personal stadiums
  4. The chance to customize and control your own team
  5. You can impose your own playstyle via 6 divisions and win more than 7 cups
  6. Google Play achievements and many more



You can sign up the top players like Diego Costa and Aaron Ramsey to create your dream team. Then, the game allows you to choose your formation, suitable style, and defeat any team that comes in your way as you move towards the six leagues to the top Elite Division.


You have to play this game for hours since it makes you addicted to its intuitive and smart gameplay. The game involves smart, tactical AI, new visuals, and realistic animations. This is the perfect game with the true essence of a soccer game.


This game gives you the chance to make your team and then put your dream team to play against the very best teams in the world.

How to download and install Dream League Soccer 2016 APK?

  • Before you install this game, Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data. Later on, you can enable them.
  • The second step involves enabling the OBB zip file directly to location SDCARD/Android/OBB/ or Copy Extracted folder com.firsttouchgames to SDCARD/Android/OBB/
  • NOTE: you can also create a new folder in case the OBB folder is not found. You have to create a new folder called OBB inside SDCARD/Android/. And then you can launch the game
  • After this, open the app and run the game. It must not say “data files needed to download “afterward.


You can thus enjoy this interesting soccer game with full enthusiasm and interest. The bunch of features it offers are all very nice and fascinating. You are surely going to love this soccer game.

It is a simulation game to let you enjoy the real-world soccer game. You can sign up some of the very famous superstars, train your teams, and defeat the opponents to increase your ranking in the game.

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