Windows 10 Ghost Spectre 22h2 (32-64Bit) Download

Those of you tired of Windows 10 can finally eliminate this problem. You can download Windows 10 Ghost Spectre Superlite to enjoy extra features. At the same time, it also allows you to remove the unnecessary features. Thus, you can download and avail Windows 10 on low-end devices. It also lets you get tension-free regarding updates, RAM limitations, or an old HDD with limited speed.

windows 10 ghost spectre


More about Ghost Spectre Windows 10

Ghost Spectre Windows 10 is the mod version of the original Windows. It comes with beneficial features and reduces some features for a regular user. Thus, developers introduced this incredible mod version of Windows so that you can also download it on low-end devices.

Ghost Spectre Windows 10 Superlite Latest Version

The app is not only reliable but also comes with incredible features; some of the features are as follows;

  • Compact Integrated + LZX (algorithm)
  • Forced .NET Framework 4.0/4.5/4.6/4.7/4.8
  • Bloatware FREE
  • Support UWP Games / UWP Apps (ex. Forza/GOW/etc etc)
  • It’s important to note that the Stock Drivers feature is still available.
  • Optimized Pagefile/Services/Scheduled/Search Indexer
  • Privacy Optimizations & Performance Mode!
  • Cortana Removes (You can add it back using Ghost Toolbox for WIN10 version 2004/2009)
  • Support Other Language & Keyboard
  • Ghost Custom Bootable with more features!
  • GhostDark Purple V2 Themes!
  • GHOST DARK (Full dark themes Beta Test)
  • Ghost Toolbox! (Add or Remove Windows Store and Much More!)
  • Updatable (Can update to latest build windows10 version 2009/2004)
  • You can delay Windows updates till the year 2030

Features Removed:

  • Removes Windows Security / Defender / SmartScreen
  • This tool removes Windows apps, system apps, and OneDrive.
  • Disable Remote Desktop / Tablet keyboard / NFC / Clipboard / Focus Assist – (Superlite only)
  • Removes Error reports – (Superlite only)
  • Disable UAC (Never notify)
  • Removes WinSxS backup
  • Disable Print spooler (If you need printers, please set Auto in Services) and Disable Action Center / Notifications – (Superlite only)
  • Disable Telemetry – (Superlite only)
  • Removes Winre (can add using Ghost Toolbox)

Windows 10 Lite Ghost Spectre Installation

You can download and install this incredible app on your PC and enjoy its features. It also lets you experience a smooth experience even on a low-end PC.

  1. You can download Windows 10 Ghost Spectre from the many links available on the internet. However, download from a credible source, as we don’t take any responsibility.
  2. Once downloaded, you can then move toward installation. You can follow these simple steps to get it installed;
  3. First, you have to download Rufus and install it on your PC.
  4. Then, make sure you plug an empty USB drive into your PC. If you have any data on USB, you have to transfer or back it up to avoid data loss.
  5. Make sure to open Rufus and click the SELECT button.
  6. Search for the downloaded Ghost Spectre Window 10 in the popup windows and click Open to proceed.
  7. After that, make sure you follow the default settings and click on the START button.
  8. Once the Windows installation media is ready after the process, you can then plug the USB drive into POC with installation media.
  9. You may restart the PC to enter its boot menu. Keep pressing the boot key until the PC boots up.
  10. Finally, you can choose the bootable USB drive as the boot option. Make sure to follow the prompted instructions to complete the process.

Final Remark

Hence, it is the best app you can use for gaming and live streaming. It supports low-end PCs and gives you a smooth experience. Also, the features are great, and it is easy to use. So, make sure you download Windows 10 Ghost Spectre to get the best experience of Windows 10.

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