Dead Space Game info And Audio Awards

The dead space is an interesting game in which a group enters a space station and you are in the role of Isaac Clark. You are also one of the members of the group which go to various parts of the station in order to get out of the station. The Electronics Arts presented this stunning game which reminds its players of Aliens movies. It is one of the most addictive games and if you want to experience this scary game, you should definitely download it. Your enemies in this game are quite scary and you have to face them all.

One of the most essential and improved features of the game is its fine balance between the action and the scary parts. The previous of the game was much difficult. So, this new version is easier and also with the improved graphics and features. You would definitely enjoy the challenges of this game.

Dead Space Audio Awards:

The game was awarded two awards during the 7th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards in the GDC last week

The EA Redwood Studios accepted the audio of the year and Sound Design of the year for its space-horror shooter. Whereas, the composer Wataru Hokoyama also got two for Rookie of the year and another for the music of the year.

This game was very popular and due to its best sound and audio quality was awarded. The best year award as well; it got the best sound design of the year award and audio of the year award.

  1. Best Sound design of the year: Dead Space
  2. Audio of the year: Dead Space

The Game Audio network Guild community selected the winners from almost 800 members including 30 countries. So the Visceral Games studio was first formed in 1998 which was later renamed as EA Redwood Shores in 2009.

Moreover in the year 2009, the very first version of the game was released named as the Dead Space Games. Some of the other games offered by this studio are Dante’s Inferno, the Battlefield Hardline, and the Devil’s Cartel.

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