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If we see nowadays, every single individual knows about YouTube. YouTube often plays ads in between the videos, which makes it quite irritant to skip the ads or wait for the ad to end. YouTube Vanced apk is the solution to the problems that you have been facing.

You can use this video platform for video streaming. It is the modified version of the original Youtube called YouTube Vanced. Likewise, it comes with many additional features. Simply, this is the best replacement for the original YouTube.

Additionally, you can listen to the video in the background. Moreover, it blocks all the ads. So you don’t get irritated with unnecessary advertisements. Similarly, you can use the ‘repeat video’ option to listen to songs on repeat.

So, the mod version of YouTube allows using all these premium features for free. Thus, download the mod version and enjoy all the features for free. It is enjoyable, and watching videos is easier with this app.

People from all over the world are using Youtube Vanced. So it is pretty incredible that now everyone can enjoy their favorite shows without getting distracted by ads. So enjoy your shows and favorite dramas for hours without getting bored. That is a solution for all the problems that you have been facing in the original version.

Youtube Vanced APK


YouTube Vanced APK + MOD MicroG Non-Root Features

YouTube Vanced comes with a lot of incredible features. it allows you to use YouTube with background play and even dark mode. Moreover, no ads pop up in between the video streaming. So, the mod version is always fun to use; let us have a look at some of the main features of this app now;

  • In the original version of YouTube, ads pop up frequently. It becomes irritating at times to wait for the ad to end or to skip ads. That is why; the mod version resolves this issue. It comes without playing any ads.
  • You can watch videos, which gives you the option to zoom in or zoom out videos.
  • Moreover, you can watch videos in the background without any disturbance.
  • The YouTube Vanced apk supports multiple background colors. So, if one gets bored with the original YouTube color, they can change the background color according to their preferences.
  • The ability to download the app without rooting your android device
  • You can use the original version of YouTube and the mod version at the same time.
  • You can also download your videos for later watch. It is up to you to watch them anytime you want. Thus, you don’t need continuous Wi-Fi support to do so.
  • YouTube Vanced apk is just superb. It features a new swipe feature for volume and brightness control. Moreover, you can adjust the speed and resolution of the videos as well.
  • The app comes with an auto-reply function and is just amazing.

Download and Installation:

The app is easy and quick to download. It doesn’t have unnecessary steps. Moreover, anyone can download it on their android device. Let us have a look at the download process;

  1. Click on the download button provided in this post
  2. Enable download from unknown sources from the phone settings
  3. Once you are redirected to the main download page, click on download YouTube Vanced apk and Microg. Download both the files.
  4. Visit the file manager and search for the downloaded apk file. Tap on install to install it.
  5. Do install Microg as well
  6. Wait for some minutes, and the app will be installed.

Frequently Asked Questions (YouTube Vanced apk):

Is it safe to Download The YouTube Vanced apk?

Yes, the file provides here is 100% safe to use and download. It doesn’t contain any malware or viruses etc. You can download it from our site.

What is YouTube Vanced apk?

YouTube Vanced apk is the modified version of the original YouTube app. this comes with extra features and supports ark mode along with background play. Similarly, the mod version has blocked all ads, etc., and is free to download.

Do I need to root my android device before installing the YouTube Vanced apk?

No, it doesn’t ask you to root your device. You can download this app for free and without rooting your device.

How To Download The YouTube Vanced apk?

Well, we have already discussed it in the upper section. It is easy and rapid. You don’t have to follow unnecessary steps. All you need to do is enable download from unknown sources from phone settings.


Thus, download this excellent version of YouTube now. You can watch videos for unlimited hours. You don’t have to worry about ads anymore. Moreover, the extra added features make it more interesting. Change the theme according to you and enjoy.

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