Surgeon Simulator APK + MOD Free Download For Android

Surgeon Simulator APK is an amazing game For Medicals students. Developed by Bossa Studios. To practice as a surgeon for surgery In this game, a real action room is simulated for you. With all the surgical equipment and tools available try to learn a variety of surgical operations with your shaky hands. You can save lives with great surgeries, and even carry out unimaginable tasks at the end of the death and even carry out a wrong move during surgery! If you like the best medical and surgical simulator on your Android, we will offer you the awesome Surgeon Simulator game.

In the amazing game Surgeon Simulator, you are a surgeon and Alex is your victim. Take immediate care of the patient in the world, Bob, with his hands, and save his life as a surgeon with the most insane surgical procedures, or lose his job so that the poor boy dies. Join the more than one million members from all over the world who beat Butter and watch unsuccessful surgical procedures. Hospitals have never been better than that

With a Surgeon simulator apk, you will find out how plastic surgeons treat serious surgery in the real environment. Admit the injured person to the emergency department and have surgery on them with medical instruments, Inject injections and anesthetizing patients, clean the surgical site with special equipment, open the patients with surgical instruments and then suture the incision after surgery.

Surgeon Simulator APK

NOTE: Download both files extract the file with Es file Explorer/Zarchever and paste it in Android -> OBB

Surgeon Simulator APK Full Version Features

  • Perform a variety of different procedures to save patients
  • Available to put a variety of different equipment
  • Over 50 new achievements to unlock
  • The possibility of using completely realistic medical instruments
  • Fully realistic and fun surgical simulation
  • Save lives by using the real tools used by plastic surgeons
  • HD graphics and excellent design with no flaws
  • Possibility to dress different types of wounds and treat injuries

Surgeon Simulator GAME INFO

Developer: Bossa Studios        Publisher: Bossa Studios
Game style: simulator                APP size: 4 MB

In this game, the creators have stimulated a lot of surgery that is very helpful for Students. In this game, you can play the heart, brain, kidneys, and other parts of the body. The interesting thing about this game is that you can lose or kill your patient at this time. In this game, the creators of the Jhrahish simulation have been simulated in complete and precise detail, so that if you do a mistake while doing something, you will be at a loss at the expense of your life. The artistic and technical graphics of this game are at a very high level so that you will once again admire the graphics of this game.

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