Spotify Music & Playlist Downloader APK 2.0 Free Download

With the Spotify downloader APK, you can now enjoy the world’s best online music service. You can now play and download music from all around the world. So, it is very easy now to download songs and music in playlists from your Spotify user account.

There are a lot of software companies that support Spotify downloader music. Well, it is up to you to find the best software that allows you to download the complete playlist with full efficiency. You simply need to have the Spotify downloader installed on your windows and macOS machines. Moreover, you need an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection. To activate your free Spotify account so that it catches songs and download music smoothly for you.

Spotify Music Downloader APK For Android

This is a free app compatible with android and enables you to download tracks in playlists from your Spotify user account. All you need to do is to enter your Spotify user account name and click on the playlist and then click on “start”.

Features of Spotify Playlist Downloader APK Latest Version:

  • You can enjoy songs on your device like mobile, tablet, or your computer
  • It is very easy to use and operate
  • Just search for the music and click play
  • The Spotify premium also allows music download for offline downloading
  • The highest sound quality
  • No ad pop-ups and interruption
  • 30 minutes initial free trial before upgrading to premium

In case you wanted to download songs offline without going for the Premium version, you can do this also. This is possible with the third-party Spotify downloader that allows free subscribers to get the music and tracks for download.

spotify downloader apk

Download Spotify Premium APK

What’s New in Spotify Downloader APK + MOD

Well, in the latest version of the Spotify Downloader, you would witness the following points:

  • A lot of crash fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • You can download more than 100 songs
  • Inclusion of the best songs plus saved albums support.

How To Use Spotify Downloader APK

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Spotify’s Premium and Free Account:

Well, it depends on the users as to which one they want to use. They can go for Spotify Free or Spotify Premium version. In Spotify Free, you can’t download the music but can listen to it online. For offline downloading, you would need to rely on any of the below-mentioned software. This is how the DRM would be removed from the music and you would be able to easily download your favorite tracks.

In the Premium Account, you need to subscribe and pay ($9.99 per month or $14.99 per month for a family). The Spotify Premium allows you to enjoy the best music streaming without any ads pop-ups and any other sort of interruption.

Here are Some of the Spotify Music Download Apps For Both Mac and PC / Windows Operating Systems.

1. Sidify

This program allows you to remove DRM from the track files and then enable you to enjoy music without copyrights. So, you can download the complete list from Spotify downloader. Using converter technology, this program removes the DRM protection of all music files. You need to have a windows or Mac operating system. Shortly, it allows you to enjoy the highest audio quality. Luckily, it a lightweight program and does not use a lot of space.

2. TunesKit Music Converter

Well, you can also download music via tunes kit as it supports the Spotify downloader. The plus point is it allows you to download music from various artists, and albums, etc. Moreover, it allows you to select different audio formats to get the music downloaded. It is free and removes the DRM protection of the music.

3. AudFree

AudFree now supports the Spotify downloader. This program charges its users on an annual basis so that they may use it with full ease throughout the year. The AudFree offers you a complete playlist available for downloading. Removing the DRM protection with its converter technology, allows you to download high-quality music free of cost. Well, you would find this software compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Some of The Spotify Alternative

Let’s now discuss some of the top Spotify alternatives. There are some of the alternatives to Spotify that you can reach and enjoy the same services that Spotify downloader provides. Make sure you have a good internet connection and then you can download any of these alternatives;

MP3 Juices

All alternative to Spotify downloader that allows you to get the popular and highest quality videos. You can download the music now and enjoy it.


It is one of the finest websites that allow free music stream and download. You can legally download music and enjoy it offline. This is one of the oldest websites that allows music streaming and also allows free downloading.

Last FM

This website allows you to listen to music and videos free of cost. However, the majority of the music on the website is not available for download, you can listen to them online and enjoy. All you need is to have a good internet connection. Moreover, some of the tracks can be downloaded on this website as well.


Thus, you can download the Spotify music downloader now and enjoy tons of tracks. However, in the above article, we have also mentioned some of its alternatives on which you can rely. It has everything you need for music. You can now download, share, and make your personalized playlists. You would always get the chance to discover new artists and their music. In short, it is easy to use as a music streaming software.

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