Nova Launcher Prime APK 2021 V7.0.36 Free Download

Nova Launcher Prime is one of the best Android launchers, Nova can smoothly change your Android environment in general. With Nova launcher you can change the color of the theme using the color selection section, using the icons provided for the ADW and Go Launcher, the dock to put the popular app and the customizable app. You can also use the launcher to change the appearance of your phone. By installing the Nova launcher you will experience an entirely new look that will take your phone out of a tempo.

So Nova Launcher Prime is One of the most Advance, professional and oldest Android launcher. It is possible to attribute it to a really high personalization By installing Nova launcher on your Android device, you can give your phone the best replacement for your home screen This superb launcher will allow you to personalize the everything of your device.

How to install

Make sure your unsourced is marked then Install Nova launcher after that download and install Nova Prime.

Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version Features

  • 8 different effects in moving between home screens
  • Set the number of icons in the width and width of the page
  • Determine the transparency of the menu pages
  • Ability to hide apps and games
  • Powerful backup / restore functionality and lite function
  • Supports other launcher theme icons
  • Keep all your favorite apps on the dock
  • Increase home screens up to 9 pages
  • Ability to resize widgets on home screens
  • Personalize the tabs and folders in the menu section
  • Adjust the speed of page displacement and the speed of animations

Brief info about Nova Launcher Prime APK

Furthermore, Nova Prime is A great app for Android personalization plan query. The highly customizable launcher is smooth and easy to use with Home functionality. Nova Launcher replaces your home page with a customizable and customizable page. Change icons, layouts, animations and more easily The appearance of this launcher is very beautiful and different. This launcher offers several options for customization, which lets you create the look you want.

It may be interesting to note that the free version of this launcher has been downloaded by Google users for more than 50,000,00 times this time, and has gained an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 with over 800,00 votes.

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