klwp pro apk

KLWP Pro APK Free Download Latest Version For Android

KLWP pro is a Live Wallpaper Maker Application. klwp pro is for designing and create live wallpaper on the phone. With this app, you can create cool and interesting wallpapers according to your Idea. This Application is designed to help you design any type of wallpaper that is in your mind and use it on the main screen of your phone. And You can also use your own personal photos for the wallpaper in this live wallpaper to create a wallpaper.

How to Download and install.

First install the free version after that install the KLWP pro.

KLWP Pro APK Features:

  • Add write with custom fonts, colors, sizes and effects
  • 3D effects for writing
  • per-made workshops for inspiration
  • View notifications at Status Times
  • Ability to support and execute and create images in formats: Web, JPG and PNG
  • Different geometric shapes
  • Shadows, color tuning,
  • Possibility to change images based on time and weather conditions, and so on


SUPPORT Android 4.4 and above

By installing the KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker Pro, you can easily put multiple analog and digital watches on your mobile phone screen and then use other tools properly. Animations used in this collection are available in 3D. Make your designs and views fully customized and editable. This app has a WYSIWYG editor section that lets you create a background wallpaper with custom backgrounds as well as professional animations. All in all, it will help you design and create wallpapers such as digital clocks, cell phone calculator, material images, random backgrounds and more. It should be noted that this software is very fast and the images produced by this app are of high quality.

maybe you’ve seen beautiful and beautiful live wallpapers with your friends on your phone. If you would like to create such wallpapers. And put them on your phone, we recommend using KLWP pro + KWGT Maker.