Download IRoot APK For Android & PC (IROOT APK All Versions)

The iRoot is one of the most powerful and easiest rooting apps for all Android phones and tablets. You can rotate your phone with one click. IRoot is the new version of the popular Vroot app Developed by Chinese team Mgyun

Furthermore, You can run root on Mobile directly and in the computer as well. in Android format, no Need of computer and you can install it on the Windows operating system as well. The mobile version is faster and easier

Moreover, the app goal is to provide the most up-to-date and easy experience. the latest version of iRoot supports over 8,000 Android device types. It’s more effective, easier and faster.


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How to Use IRoot in Mobile

How to use Iroot in Computer

Enable USB Debugging on your device. Of course, it’s possible in different versions of Android in a variety of ways, but most of the time with the two methods below this option will be active

  1. Run the opposite path and then tick Activate. Settings> Developers Options> USB Debugging
  2. Download the iRoot Exe and install it on your Windows computer and then open the software
  3. Connect your phone or tablet using a USB cable to the computer and wait a bit until your software detects it
  4. Click on the green Root option and wait for the entire process to work properly after restarting the device
  5. After completing the process and displaying the image below, your device is properly rooted and the Complete option is pressed in the application environment displayed
  6. To ensure the router’s functionality is correct, see the SuperSU or King Root in the installation list

Note: installing phone driver is a must, otherwise, wait for a little until the software automatically download and install your phone or tablet driver / You can enter the next step after identifying and displaying the message of the model.

Warning: Do not disassemble the phone or tablet from the computer in any way, or do nothing to stop the connection.

Brief info about Iroot

Rooting Android is one of the problems. Today, on the Android site, Android Root Training comes with iRoot’s powerful Application that renders your device in a simple, short process. The app is a simple and professional tool for helping users to root the can root in the shortest time and at the least, far more than 145 million units have been rooted by this software.

What is Root

So Rooting your Android device gives you access to apps at higher levels. Root means access to the root of your device. When you remove your cell phone from the box. you can only modify the manufacturer’s permissions, despite the many configurations you can make. With root access, you can change your device software at deeper levels.

Note: rooting your Device is a violation of the warranty laws and will invalidate it. But if you have a warranty, you also want to use your warranty. you can use it before you can go to the dealership or flash the official flash on your phone


  • Get out of your mobile phone’s warranty (do not worry, rebooting your phone will fix your warranty)
  • Likely to delete programs and files required by the operating system incorrectly


  • Detect hidden facilities and install maladaptive programs
  • Speed up the phone and increase battery life by using software that
    needs access to your router
  • Remove software advertisements by special software that all need root access
  • Uninstall default phone apps that are not your favorite
  • Install custom ROMs (Custom ROM)
  • Overclock and Underclock the phone
  • Possibility to install the latest version of Android
  • Infinite personalization
  • Possibility to get better and deeper than your phone’s apps and information

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