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The multiplayer horror game DBD codes or Dead by Daylight pits one player against four others. The game’s objective is for the killer to slay all the other players while the survivors attempt to escape and avoid being tortured and killed. This title has proven popular with gamers looking for a suspenseful and challenging experience.

In the game, the survivors must escape the killing ground without being caught by the killer. It seems like an easy task, but it is as the environment keeps changing every time you play. As a result, survivors must implement different strategies every time to escape successfully.

Likewise, in the game, there are several blood points in the game that you can use to buy several game-related items. You can redeem it for cosmetics or blood points, however, when the developers release it.

But if you search for freebies in Dead by Daylight, you are lucky! You can have many DBD codes to redeem blood points, charms, or rift fragments. However, it is essential to know which codes are time-sensitive and check back frequently for new codes. It also allows you to log in and earn daily rewards by playing the game.

All Dead by Daylight DBD Codes Today List

New Working DBD Promo Codes

  • ICEYYOU (New)
  • ONEMILLIONSOULS—Redeem for the Twitter Charm (New)
  • CAWCAW—Redeem for the Feathers of Pride charm
  • PRIDE2022—Redeem for two Pride Charms (Permanent)
  • Nice—Redeem for 69 Bloodpoints (Permanent)
  • WARRIORPUPPERS—Redeem for the Puppers Charm
  • WINNERWINNER—Redeem for the PUBG Frying Pan Charm
  • PRIDE: Rainbow Flag charm

How to Redeem Active DBD codes

Dead by Daylight DBD codes (Expired)

  • FINN—Redeem for 10k Bloodpoints
  • TOOTHFACE—Redeem for 10k Bloodpoints
  • SHARKY—Redeem for 10k Bloodpoints
  • OCANADA—Redeem for Maple Leaf charm
  • CAKEWALK—Redeem for 100k Blood Points
  • IGBPPARTY—Redeem for 100k Bloodpoints
  • PRIDE—Redeem code for a Rainbow Flag Pride Charm
  • BLUEBIRDBEEG—Redeem for 100k Bloodpoints
  • GETTHATBAG—Redeem for 10 Rift Fragments
  • CHEGADAS—Redeem for 150k Bloodpoints
  • NOTATRICK—Redeem for 100,000 Bloodpoints Offer
  • DWIGHTCROW—Redeem for Dwight Crow Charm
  • WITCHPLEASE – Find out whether you get a Trick or a Treat!
  • RSELF—Redeem for 100,000 Bloodpoints
  • SCARYGOOD – Redeem for a Trick OR Treat
  • HALLOWHOOPS—Redeem for 1031 Bloodpoints
  • SCREAMSTREAM—Redeem for 100,000 Bloodpoints
  • BOOP—Redeem code for ‘Boop The Snoot’ mask for Meg Thomas.
  • HISSANDHERS—Redeem code for two charms
  • AUSOME—Redeem code for two cosmetics
  • GOLDENBROS—Redeem code for two cosmetics
  • BETTERTHANONE—Redeem code for two cosmetics
  • CELEBRANDO—Redeem for 50k Bloodpoints
  • NOVAS—Redeem for 100k Bloodpoints
  • VOID—Redeem for 25k Bloodpoints
  • RIFT—Redeem for 25k Bloodpoints
  • UNSTABLE—Redeem for 25k Bloodpoints
  • ENERGY—Redeem for 25k Bloodpoints
  • DedobaJP2022—Redeem for 300k Bloodpoints, 1k Iridescent Shards, and 20 Rift Fragments
  • THREEWITCHES—Redeem for 100k Bloodpoints
  • DedobaNoHi—Redeem for the Silk Omamori Charm
  • BILIBILI300K—Redeem for 300K Bloodpoints
  • ALIENWARE—Redeem for 100k Bloodpoints
  • TwitchRivalsTW2022—Redeem for 200,000 Bloodpoints
  • BUBBLES—Redeem for Shark Charm
  • BLOODBANK—Redeem for 100k Bloodpoints
  • HOHOHO—Redeem for 100k BP
  • DECIPHERSTRIKE—Redeem for 150k BP
  • EASYASABC—Redeem for 150k BP
  • LIVEORDIE—Redeem for a charm
  • FORHONOR – Redeem for For Honor’s Charm
  • Pieceofcake—Redeem code for two charms
  • RANKROULETTE—Redeem code for 250k Bloodpoints (Will expire next Rank Reset)
  • AD800947-01A7-4DEF-81AD-40DDC501DE50—Redeem code for 250,000 Bloodpoints and 1,000 Iridescent Shards
  • ANNIVERSARYFRAGMENTS—Redeem code for 10 Rift Fragments
  • FD3EB91E-B741-454B-A5DD-BC8DA406F162—Redeem code for 10 Rift Fragments
  • DOUBLERAINBOW—Redeem for 200k Bloodpoints
  • THANKYOU—Redeem for 150k Bloodpoints
  • GIGXLM3G—Redeem for 100k BP
  • 78SNOXXG—Redeem for 100k BP
  • DBDTHEBOARDGAME—Redeem for 200k BP
  • JAPAN300K—Redeem for 300k BP
  • RIVALSJP—Redeem for 100k BP
  • HELLOTHERE—Redeem for 25k BP
  • YOUFOUNDME—Redeem for 25k BP
  • THISISACODE—Redeem for 25k BP
  • DBDWEBSITE—Redeem for 25k BP
  • RIVALSTH—Redeem for 100k Bloodpoints
  • RIVALSKR—Redeem for 100k BP
  • INTHISECONOMY—Redeem for 50k BP
  • FriskkUWUrawrXD2022—Redeem for 50k BP
  • DieHardDiva2022—Redeem for 50k BP
  • CAISHEN—Redeem for 88,888 BP
  • LUCKYMONEY—Redeem for 16,888 BP
  • LANTERNFESTIVAL—Redeem for 15 Rift Fragments
  • OINKYOUNEEDISLOVE—Redeem code for 200,000 Bloodpoints
  • TWOSDAY—Redeem code for 222K Bloodpoints
  • VK130UP—Redeem code for 130K Bloodpoints
  • 59th39—Redeem code for 59K Bloodpoints
  • LIGHTSCAMERABP—Redeem code for 100K Bloodpoints
  • REVEALED—Redeem code for 100K
  • INSERTCOIN—Redeem for an Arcade Machine Charm
  • MORICHRISTMAS—Redeem for 100K BP
  • HOLIDAYSPECIAL—Redeem for 100K BP

Dead by Daylight Promo Codes FAQs:

In this section of the article, you will get answers to every question you have in mind.

What do we mean by Blood points in Dead by Daylight?

Blood points are the general currency in the Dead by Daylight game. The players can use them to upgrade their characters. With this currency, one can purchase the unlockable from the blood web. As a result, the blood points will get added to every person’s profile and can help each player in the game’s progression.

How many Blood points do you get for rank 1?

Players can now see how much they stand to earn in rewards for each grade achieved in Dead by Daylight. The new chart details the rewards pool for each grade, with substantial increases for higher grades. For example, players who achieve the Iridescent Rank can earn up to a million blood points.

Does the killer give more blood points?

You can gain more blood points quickly this way. You gain more control over the blood web by playing as a killer. Similarly, the actions of other players have no direct impact on your score. Conversely, when you play survivor, you earn blood points based on the killer’s and teammates’ combined performance.

What is Dead by Daylight?

Players compete against one another in Dead by Daylight, a multiplayer horror game. The killer’s goal in the game is to kill all the other players while the survivors try to escape and avoid being tortured and killed. This title has proven popular among gamers seeking a thrilling and challenging experience.

What is the use of codes in Dead by Daylight?

The game Dead by Daylight contains numerous codes that are beneficial in unlocking several in-game items. While keeping in mind that some codes expire with time, keeping an eye out for them is vital.

How Do You Redeem Active DBD codes?

These steps will help you through the redemption process for Dead by Daylight (DBD).

  • After loading DBD, go to the main menu; you can select the store at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on the redeem code from a store on the screen’s top right.
  • A new UI window will appear, as shown in the image below. Fill in the blanks with your code.
  • Click ‘Redeem,’ and if you were successful, the item you claimed will appear in the bottom center of your screen for a few seconds.

Final Remarks

Therefore, getting blood points with codes is the best way to win. Hence, it is easy to purchase some in-game items that can make your game easy. However, some codes expire with time; make sure you know when they expire so that you redeem them on time.

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