AFK Arena APK + MOD Free Download For Android 2022

Do you love playing RPG games on your devices? If your answer is yes then you are on the right platform. We will discuss everything about the AFK Arena mod apk in this post. Being a single-player strategy game, this provides you ultimate fun and adventure.

Moreover, you get to face a lot of opponents. You will defeat them with your wise strategy. This is how you become the winner. The game comes with simple them where you need to collect heroes. The heroes would further help you in winning tough battles.

However, you need to defeat enemies with your strategies. The control would be given to you. You will then control your character’s actions and moves. This ultimately affects your success in the game.

Further, you need to purchase coins and diamonds beneficial to your game progress. There are some locked items in the items and you need to spend some cash. For those, who don’t want to pay or don’t have money to spend there is good news. They can simply play the mod version of AFK Arena apk.

The AFK Arena Mod apk gives you everything for free. It gives you instant access to unlimited resources and other in-game items. Thus, you can play this game with full ease and facilities now. All the locked items would be unlocked in the AFK Arena mod apk.

AFK Arena APK Gameplay

The game has really interesting gameplay. All you need to do is set up a team of heroes and prepare them for wars. The fighters would be from any corner of the world. You can design and customize your characters with special outfits and additional skins in the game.

Simply, it is a role-playing game where you in the form of characters would face enemies. The game allows you to upgrade your characters. It also includes some in-game purchases in the original version.

Moreover, you will receive gifts that help you upgrade your characters. The gifs are usually received after a couple of days. if you can’t wait for gifts and can’t spend real cash. Then, you should go for the mod version of the AFK Arena apk.

As far as the mod version is concerned, it comes with all the premium features free of cost. There is no need to wait for days to get the gifts. Similarly, you don’t need to spend any money.

Additionally, everything is unlocked in the mod version to make your game more enjoyable. Thus, you can easily experience a voyage of wonders with no time restrictions. Likewise, you get unlimited legendary hero cars and uncover secret treasures in mazes.

Features of AFK Arena Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems

To optimize the character’s skills and devise wise strategies to beat the opponents. This is the best strategic game to play. It has really interesting features with straightforward gameplay.

All you need to do is play wisely and target your enemies’ weaknesses. To make this game more interesting, the mod version was introduced. Let us have a look at some of the main features of the AFK Arena mod apk here;

  • The game includes unlimited diamonds which is the primary currency. With the diamonds, you would be able to invest in heroes, gears, and every other important item that help you progress in the game. The diamond is really essential thing in the game. So, the mod version provides you unlimited diamonds to make your game easy and quick. Thus, you can easily purchase in-game items and upgrade your character.
  • There is another currency in the game called guild coins. The coins are basically collected once you reached the top position in the tournaments. This basically asks for a lot of patience including your time and effort. Therefore, the mod version gives you access to unlimited access to guild coins.
  • There are some really heroic characters in the game. The heroes are locked in the premium version. The mod version however provides everything for free. Thus, you no longer have to pay for purchasing heroes. The heroes are already unlocked in the mod version of the game.
  • VIP features such as speed x2, Arena of heroes, Resonating Crystal, and Arcane Labyrinth are all available for free. You no longer have to complete stages to get them. The mod version has already unlocked all those VIP features for lifetime access.
  • The game doesn’t come with deadlines. There are no time restrictions for clearing any stage.
  • The mod version gives you unlimited treasures, and amazing controls over the characters
  • You get a chance to create multiple heroes; customize your characters with full access to items.

Unlocked Heros in AFK Arena Mod APK – GOD MODE

  • Lightbearers
  • Estrilda-Knight of Valor
  • Belinda-Beam of Hope
  • Raine-Death’s Denier
  • Hogan-Knight of the Kingdom
  • Angelo-Song of Dawn
  • Morvus-the far Stalker
  • Maulers:
  • Khasos-the unruly
  • Vurk-The Devious
  • Mirael-The Burning Light
  • Numisu-the all seer
  • Merek and Ulric
  • Warek-the untamed
  • Ankhira-Deceptive Beauty
  • Golus-the bladestorm
  • Saveas-Strongheart
  • Bloodsarl
  • Arkadios
  • Wilders
  • Kaz-Hand of the wood
  • Lyca-Keeper of glades
  • Ulmus- Aldermarrow
  • Ira-rogue of the forest
  • Ogi-Nature’s Strength
  • Adren-Nature’s Voice

Download and installation:

As far as the downloading and installation is concerned, it is very easy and quick. You don’t have to panic while installing it. It doesn’t involve any complex steps. All in all, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps to get it installed. The steps are easy to follow and you will get the app installed on your device in seconds.

Let us have a look at the download and installation method here;

  • One: click on the download button provided here in this post
  • Two: you will be redirected to the main downloading pages, click on the download button once again
  • Three: make sure to enable download from unknown sources from phone settings as it is a third party application. Go to settings>security option>unknown sources> allow.
  • Four: go to file manager and search for the download AFK Arena file there.
  • Five: tap on install and let the installation beings. Wait for some minutes and the file will be installed on your device
  • Six: click on the open button and start playing this incredible game


If you have any ambiguity in mind regarding the game, they will be answered here in this section. We have listed all the general questions that people might often ask. Here, we tried to answer all your questions and make everything crystal clear for you. Let us have a look at those questions here;

Do we get unlimited coins and diamonds in the AFK Arena mod apk?

Yes, of course. The mod version of AFK Arena gives you full access to coins and diamonds. They are already there to help you play the game to win. Thus, you don’t have to spend any money and wait for gifts. Everything is there for you to enjoy the game.

Is it safe to download AFK arena mod apk?

Yes, the link provided here for download is completely safe and secure. It doesn’t contain any malware or viruses. So, you can easily download it following the given download link which is totally free.

Who is the strongest hero in AFK Arena?

Well, the most powerful hero in the game is Shamira.


Thus, download this enjoyable and interesting game now and play for unlimited hours. The gameplay is really addictive with a stunning user interface. The mod version of AFK arena has unlocked everything and you can really enjoy them.

Additionally, the powerful heroes are unlocked to help you win the game. Thus, getting access to unlimited coins and diamonds makes it easy to win. There are a lot of interesting features in the game. All the paid features are free in the mod version and you don’t have to pay a single penny.

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